About Incofibras


Founded in 2016, based in Campo Verde/MT, Incofibras is part of the Rovitex Group, in Luiz Alves/SC. The group is also made up of Incofios, dedicated to the production and sale of 100% cotton yarn in Indaial/SC, and RV Empreendimentos Imobiliários, a company that belongs to the branch of Civil Construction in Balneário Camboriú/SC.
With a strategic vision about its segment, Incofibras has as its basic premise the sustainability and reuse of natural resources. Commitment, care, and respect for the environment acting for a better planet.

Main numbers:
• A built area of 2 thousand square meters;
• Processing of up to 300 tons/month of clean fibril

Our Credo

We believe that our first responsibility is with our customers, suppliers, employees and with everyone involved in the use of our products, seeking to understand and meet the needs of customers and consumers, always seeking to exceed their expectations, developing products with value for their audience, with responsibility towards the people involved and the environment and the premises of treating customers and consumers with respect, equity, attention, agility and proactivity, as well as caring for and understanding our role in the society and community in which we operate.

We have the necessary and adequate security for confidential information passed on by our customers and consumers, in compliance with the general guidelines of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law).

We strive to maintain a work environment where relationships are based on professionalism, trust, cooperation, integration and respect for individual differences, as well as valuing people, contributing to their personal, technical and professional development, in addition to recognizing and valuing intellectual capital and encouraging the emergence of new leaders.

Our commitment to responsible, transparent and mutually respectful behavior in our professional relationships. In the selection of our suppliers and service providers, Incofios uses ethical practices, based on professional and technical criteria, and any form of discrimination or favoritism of any nature is not allowed.

We recognize the role and support the performance of Organs controlling bodies, providing them with relevant and reliable information at the appropriate time, we establish fair and balanced relationships with the community, supporting and participating in citizenship, social and environmental responsibility actions.


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